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RTP journalists lament “lack of explanation” by Deputy Director Cândida Pinto in plenary


RTP’s television journalists, meeting today in plenary, lamented “the breach of deontological duties” by the resigning information director and “deputy director Cândida Pinto’s lack of explanations” in the ISCEM case.

At issue is a report by the “Friday at 9” coordinator on December 11 at a meeting with the Editorial Board (CR) on the lithium program, which said the program was investigating suspected corruption. as part of the closing process of the Higher Institute of Business Communication (ISCEM), which was allegedly receiving improper cash.

In this context, Sandra Felgueiras, coordinator of “Friday at 9”, accused Maria Flor Pedroso of transmitting privileged information to the target of the report, the director of ISCEM Regina Moreira, which the director of information of RTP “outright rejected” in accordance with the minutes of the CoR and the position sent to the newsroom by the now resigning director of RTP.

The journalists of RTP-TV, convened today in plenary convened on the subject, decided to “deplore the violation of the deontological duties of journalists and the loyalty to the writing of RTP-TV by the resigning information director, Maria Flor Pedroso, at the investigation of the so-called ‘ISCEM case’ “, they state in a statement.

Journalists deplore “the lack of explanations on the part of Deputy Director Cândida Pinto – absent from this plenary […] – who is allegedly colluding with the Director of Information during the investigation”, according to the interpretation of the minutes of the CR.

They reject “any attempt at external interference in decisions that are solely up to RTP-TV journalists” and reaffirm “independence and freedom as cornerstones of journalism” and express “the unity of the newsroom” of television “in their commitment to continue this path. “, reads the statement released today.

Prior to the plenary session, RTP’s Board of Directors had announced that Maria Flor Pedroso had made her place available because she considered that she had no “conditions for serious work” following the conflict with the “Friday at 9” team. .

The management led by Gonçalo Reis thanked the professional, highlighting that she is a “journalist of good repute and resume without fault” and pointing out “the work done in a dedicated, competent and serious manner as director of television information at RTP”.

The Board of Directors “believes that the editorial line that was being developed by management, based on objective and rigorous, free and independent, free and plural journalism, is the matrix of a public service of excellence, in stark contrast to the growing tendency towards a populist and sensationalist journalism that we vehemently repudiated and that it is imperative to fight “, reads the administration’s statement.

In the letter sent to the president of RTP, in which she made the post available, Maria Flor Pedroso states that “the professional project to which this leadership has given itself […] has never given way to motivation other than the cause of information. free, exempt, plural and independent “.

“In view of the repeated public exposure of innuendo, lies and slander, to which I and my management are totally oblivious, in view of the reputational damage caused to RTP, I consider that there is no condition for the pursuit of serious, respectful and constructive work, as we have tried carry out throughout this year of office “, underlines Maria Flor Pedroso.

The outgoing director of information also states that “the construction of alternative realities based on half truths, which feeds a certain type of journalism” which is not reviewed, “is one of the problems of today’s society that needs vigorous journalism. and rigorous, free and independent, exempt and plural to strengthen democratic societies. ”

The administration led by Gonçalo Reis said that “he will shortly appoint a new direction to which he will continue to demand the implementation of best practices, so that journalism by RTP is the most complete, the most serious, the most credible and the most impartial. to the full service of the public “.


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